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Art ConsultancyIf you love picking out and buying art, you might be interested in art consultancy.  You could make money by creating art programs for companies, hotels, and independent professionals who have a distinguished taste in fine art.  As an art consultant it will be your job to consider each client’s specific needs and meet their budget requirements.  It will be your duty to consider hundreds of art pieces before making a recommendation and possibly purchasing that piece of art for your client.

Art consultancy requires individuals to have a comprehensive knowledge of art, artists both rising, and unknown, as well as the prices of art, the places you can purchase art, and how to tailor your job to meet each individual’s unique needs.

To become an art consultant you will need to know a lot about art, art sales, entrepreneurship, and networking.  If this sounds like something you may be interested in you might even consider starting your own consulting business.  If you do not have a degree in art, that is also something you will most likely want and need to pursue.  Most art consultants typically have a degree with at least some experience in art history, or a similar major.  Those individuals who are very serious about their profession might even go on to do more advanced studies, or even study abroad to get a more in depth feel for art from different cultures.

Being an art consultant can be a lot of fun if you have a strong love and passion for art.  However, it can also be challenging at times as it can sometimes be difficult to meet your client’s needs, whether it be trying to find them just the right piece, or trying to work within their budget.  Sometimes you might get a really picky client who just doesn’t seem to like anything you show them.  A successful art consultant will not let this get them down, he or she will only try harder and find a way to work around their client’s difference in opinion until they have found the perfect piece to match their needs.

Art consultants can make a lot of money, especially since a lot of the businesses or individuals that hire these consultants are usually quite wealthy.  Making an investment in art can be a really smart move as there is a lot of money in the industry if you have a keen eye and know enough about the art scene and what is trendy.

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